September 27-28th 2019

The 3rd edition of the Lisbon Foot & Ankle Clinical Biomechanics Course is focused on neurologic pathologies with implications in lower limb biomechanics. Topics such as Cerebral Palsy in adults and children, adult peripheral and central nervous system injuries, dystonia and spasticity management, cavovarus, planovalgus, Charcot and other conditions will be developed, always considering biomechanical implications.

The first day is dedicated to a Lower Limb Deformity Correction Pre-Course, approaching planning software and 3d printing.

Both days will feature a National and International Faculty panel, with Dr. Emilio Wagner (Chile), Dr. Manuel Monteagudo (Spain) and Dr. Norman Espinosa (Switzerland) as special guests.

Find our program below and contact us for further details.


FINAL PROGRAMME – Available Soon


Specialist | 1 day – 250€ | 2 days – 400€
Resident or other | 1 day – 125€ | 2 days – 250€

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